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Stamtavla för amerikansk cocker spaniel / Pedigree for american cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: SE UCH NO UCH FI UCH Speedwagon's Stand By Me
Undan/Dam: Erly-Glory's Chocolate Queen Oflove

SE UCH NO UCH FI UCH Speedwagon's Stand By Me DK UCH FI UCH US CH Homestead's Maverick US CH Empire's Brooklyn Dodger US CH Terje's Thunderbolt US CH Dal-Mar's Billy Jack
US CH Swank's Short 'n' Sweet
Harlanhavens Heavenly Bliss US CH Dal-Mar's Billy Jack
Terje's Sweetest Tabu
US CH Homestead's Maybelline US CH Glenmurray's Declaration US CH Ging's Alydar
Frandee's Jazzercise
US CH Homestead's Meadowlark US CH Homestead's Trailblazer
US CH Homestead's Farmer's Daughter
Caci's Cheerleader FI V-93 SE V-95 EE CH SE UCH FI UCH Doggone High Ya'll US CH Glenmurray's High Noon US CH Camelot's Counterfeit
Glenmurray's High Point
Doggone Buff-E-Nuff US CH Glenmurray's Solid Black
US CH Roustabout's Hot Flash
Carillo American Pie Speedwagon's From A Jack to A King Triplemint's Magic-Moon
NO UCH INT UCH Triplemint's Merrygait
NO UCH Ice Star Von Mein Heim US CH Burson's Style Master
Breeze Ice-Crystal
Erly-Glory's Chocolate Queen Oflove Qualit-Quast Chocolate Eagle Mica's Texas Howdy US CH Avanti's Tuaca US CH Lorli Kidder's Koko Kid
Avanti's Toasted Almond
Daisy Mae Bangasser Silverstone Switch Hitter
Willwyn Tea-For-Two
Qualit-Quast Chocolate Panda Willwyn Without-A-Trace US CH De'rano's Dare Devil
Willwyn Born Talk'in Back
Silverstone Fandango US CH M'ritz Dancin in The Dark
Silverstone Sienna
Aint-She-Sweet Qualit-Quast Chocolate Texas Qualit-Quast Philadelphia Willwyn Without-A-Trace
Keepsakes Wish Upon A Star
Qualit-Quast Chocolate Heart Mica's Texas Howdy
US CH Canter Color Me Plenty
Cockburn's Nobody's Perfect Fiddle-Stick's Who's Brown Fiddle-Stick's Street Fighter
Top Dog's Rebekka
SE UCH NO UCH Cockburn's Klaim to Fame EUW-91 FI UCH Eli-Fran's Devil's Advocate
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