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Stamtavla för amerikansk cocker spaniel / Pedigree for american cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Once Again's Dark Design
Undan/Dam: Missya's Madonna Marron

Once Again's Dark Design SE UCH NO UCH FI UCH Speedwagon's Stand By Me DK UCH FI UCH US CH Homestead's Maverick US CH Empire's Brooklyn Dodger US CH Terje's Thunderbolt
Harlanhavens Heavenly Bliss
US CH Homestead's Maybelline US CH Glenmurray's Declaration
US CH Homestead's Meadowlark
Caci's Cheerleader FI V-93 SE V-95 EE CH SE UCH FI UCH Doggone High Ya'll US CH Glenmurray's High Noon
Doggone Buff-E-Nuff
Carillo American Pie Speedwagon's From A Jack to A King
NO UCH Ice Star Von Mein Heim
Erly-Glory's Chocolate Queen Oflove Qualit-Quast Chocolate Eagle Mica's Texas Howdy US CH Avanti's Tuaca
Daisy Mae Bangasser
Qualit-Quast Chocolate Panda Willwyn Without-A-Trace
Silverstone Fandango
Aint-She-Sweet Qualit-Quast Chocolate Texas Qualit-Quast Philadelphia
Qualit-Quast Chocolate Heart
Cockburn's Nobody's Perfect Fiddle-Stick's Who's Brown
SE UCH NO UCH Cockburn's Klaim to Fame
Missya's Madonna Marron Doggone Double Shot US CH Misty Wood Jp Winning Shot US CH Westglen Blak-Gammon US CH Westglen Blak-A-Tak
US CH Canyon Convicted of Forgery
US CH Misty Wood J P Cover Girl US CH Silverstone Say Amen
US CH Newport's Flirtation Fudge
US CH Frandee's How Now US CH M'ritz Dancin in The Dark US CH Forjay's Run For The Roses
Winsome's Butterfinger
Frandee's B T US CH Ramblewood Rich N Chips
Piner's La Pinata
Missya's Miracle Moonshadow Disodil's Chocolate Solid Top Dog's Waymando Allettes Enterprise Enrico
Pineshadows Brown Sugar Bear
Disodil's Bombay Legacy NO UCH SE LCH LP Charka Evening-Star
Disodil's Be My Biscuit
Missya's Miracle Murmade NO UCH Carillo American Express Speedwagon's From A Jack to A King
NO UCH Ice Star Von Mein Heim
Caci's Always-Miss-Ya Cornerstones B.bestman
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