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Stamtavla för amerikansk cocker spaniel / Pedigree for american cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Amerizells New Kid On The Block
Undan/Dam: Cillahof's Day N'night

Amerizells New Kid On The Block Doggone Double Shot US CH Misty Wood Jp Winning Shot US CH Westglen Blak-Gammon US CH Westglen Blak-A-Tak
US CH Canyon Convicted of Forgery
US CH Misty Wood J P Cover Girl US CH Silverstone Say Amen
US CH Newport's Flirtation Fudge
US CH Frandee's How Now US CH M'ritz Dancin in The Dark US CH Forjay's Run For The Roses
Winsome's Butterfinger
Frandee's B T US CH Ramblewood Rich N Chips
Piner's La Pinata
SE VCH Amerizells Lucy Lucille NORD UCH INT UCH Caci's Cyber Space SE U(U)CH SM CH BR CH ES CH LU CH US CH Truly Yours Regency FI UCH INT UCH ES CH US CH Glenmurray's Dusty Miller
ES CH Truly Yours Special Surprise
SE UCH Missya's My Mayoress NO UCH Point Blanc New Kid On The Block
Caci's Coca-Cola Coco
Amerizells I Am A Golden Lady Amerizells Enterprice Enrico NO V-93 NO UCH Caci's Batman Boom
Windwalker's Out of Reach
Amerizells Faradibe Queen SE V-96 EUW-97 KBH V-97 NO V-95-96-97 FI UCH NORD UCH Caci's Copiad
NORD UCH INT UCH Caci's Call Me Second of Ten
Cillahof's Day N'night KBH V-96 NORD UCH INT UCH Royalgrest's Dixel N'delight FI V-93 SE V-95 EE CH SE UCH FI UCH Doggone High Ya'll US CH Glenmurray's High Noon US CH Camelot's Counterfeit
Glenmurray's High Point
Doggone Buff-E-Nuff US CH Glenmurray's Solid Black
US CH Roustabout's Hot Flash
Countlewick's Centimentalgirl FI UCH US CH Must-Do's Macho Man US CH Victoria's Irish Dandy
US CH Sugarbrook Lookin' Miway
FI UCH Countlewick's Ayas EE CH FI UCH Bittersweet Great Gatsby
Candida's Gypsy Dream
Hilight's Panda NORD UCH Marvellous Mgm Grand US CH Crazy Q's Cause A Riot US CH Crazy Q's Quiet Riot
US CH Crazy Q's Little Black Book
FI UCH Ron-D's Glenda Murray US CH Camelot's Counterfeit
US CH Glenmurray's High Society
Caci's Carrera at Hilight SE V-98 SE UCH FI UCH NORD UCH US CH Doggone Black to The Future US CH Westglen Blak-Gammon
Doggone Black at Noon
SE UCH Caci's Cinderella FI V-93 SE V-95 EE CH SE UCH FI UCH Doggone High Ya'll
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