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Stamtavla för amerikansk cocker spaniel / Pedigree for american cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: SE U(U)CH C.I.B. DK UCH NO UCH NO V-13 Ravenwood's Dont Keep Me Waiting
Undan/Dam: SE U(U)CH PL CH Cold-Case Mind Controal

SE U(U)CH C.I.B. DK UCH NO UCH NO V-13 Ravenwood's Dont Keep Me Waiting SE U(U)CH Pointbreak Dont Phunk With My Heart SL CH LT CH SE U(U)CH CZ CH EE CH US CH Alamara's Gold Card US CH Overoak Rising Son US CH Silverhall Soldier of Fortune
US CH Overoak Career Girl
Alamara's Golden Jazz Kim-Mar's Gold Standard
Showcase's Cool Jazz
SE U(U)CH DK UCH Pointbreak She's Got Her Ticket NORD UCH INT UCH Caci's Catch The Spirit SE V-98 SE UCH FI UCH NORD UCH US CH Doggone Black to The Future
SE UCH Caci's Cinderella
SE UCH DK UCH Caci's C Me Again and Again Doggone Double Shot
Caci's Candy-Cisses
Azucena De La Gran Aldea SL CH GI CH Averno De La Gran Aldea AR CH Timoteo De La Gran Aldea Brookwood's Hall of Fame
AR CH Milva De La Gran Aldea
Ibiza De La Gran Aldea AR CH Victor De La Gran Aldea
Olivia Del Nuevo Mundo
Constanza De La Gran Aldea AR CH Adrian De La Gran Aldea US CH Darkhaven's Apple of My Eye
AR CH Scarlet O'hara The Corsair
Cima De La Gran Aldea INT UCH AR CH Homestead's All American
Exy De Hau Cheng
SE U(U)CH PL CH Cold-Case Mind Controal SE U(U)CH Eatons The Batman NORD UCH INT UCH Charles Dickens Eggstra Eatoner FI V-00 EE CH SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH US CH Eaglewing-Jpk Bible Smuggler US CH Far-Ace Jpk Pretty Boy Floyd
US CH Jpk N Coleman Mimosa Mama
NO UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Giffels Careless Whisper SE V-94 Charles Dickens Mad Max
Giffels Aim at Colours
Afterglow Carry On Nurse Afterglow Donovan GB SHCH Afterglow Ambrose
Best Kept Secret
Afterglow Bagpuss GB SHCH Northyork Craftsman at Misticolas
US CH Cashmere Matador Last Dance For Aft
SE U(U)CH Ravenwood's Hot N'trendy CH&LU CH BR CH INT UCH ES CH IT CH US CH Truly Yours Regency FI UCH INT UCH ES CH US CH Glenmurray's Dusty Miller US CH Glenmurray's Solid Black
US CH Karga's Flashy Dancer
ES CH Truly Yours Special Surprise US CH Coleman's Magnificat
DK UCH INT UCH PT CH ES CH Truly Yours Special-Reserve
Fiddle-Stick's Try N' Catch Me SE U(U)CH US CH Timeless Catch of The Day US CH Windquest Demandin Attention
US CH Timeless Mirror Image
Fiddle-Stick's Do As You Like NO UCH Troupers Agent Cooper
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